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This is my most popular Small Block Ford 347 Stroker Engine Combination


If you are trying to buy the most power with reliable parts for the least money, this is what I have come up with.
The cast steel/iron crank is strong enough for the street.
I'd recommend stepping up to forged steel if you plan to drag race on slicks or run a
lot of nitrous oxide.
It has forged pistons so you can run upto a 200Hp shot of N2O
The rods are Scat's 4340 steel with cap screw bolts. They can handle 7000rpm, cheaper 5140 rods can not.
To keep the cost down I use import aluminum heads, but if you have the money the AFRs will make a big difference.

How much power?
Torque is what is important and is easily calculated based on experience with particlar heads.
The import heads will deliver at best about 1.2lbs/ft per cubic inch, the AFRs about 1.3.
Therefore 347 X 1.2 = 416Tq 347 X 1.3 = 451Tq

Horsepower is a function of RPM. Have more camshaft duration means keeping the valves open longer.
This moves the efficency up the RPM scale causing the idle to become rougher loosing vacuum and low speed torque.
Have better heads allows you to use less duration to make the same horsepower as not so great heads, but keep more torque down low.

A 10:1 compression ratio 347 using 230/236 duration at @ .50" lift with Avenger 190cc heads will only make 325Hp 420Tq and the bigger 210cc version 370 and 430Tq
while the AFR 185 will deliver 450Hp with 460Tq.
The 210cc heads will make 450Hp, but need more duration to rev to 6000rpm and over.


$750   Seasond Machined  302 HO Roller Cam Block
$200     Main Support Girdle  girdle-only.jpg 
$250  Cast Iron 3.4 Crankshaft    Upgrade to Forged STEEL CRANKSHAFT  4340 Add  $350

$315  Scat 5.40 4340 Connecting Rods

ICON Performance Pistons IC9922-040 - ICON FHR Series Pistons  Icon VMS-75 alloy Forged Pistons    10.2:1 with 58cc Heads

Many Piston upgrades available

$80     Plasma-Moly Rings Set
$180    Balance Crankshaft  
Summit Racing SUM-171120 - Summit Racing® Connecting Rod Bearings

These King SI-Series rod bearings are recommended for OE applications. These rod bearings are designed for aftermarket gasoline or diesel engine rebuilding and performance engines with OE crankshafts. These King SI-Series rod bearings have an improved finish for reducing microscopic ferrite peaks on improperly ground or polished nodular cast iron crankshafts. These King SI-Series rod bearings feature improved oil clearance to reduce wear and increase engine life, which in turn reduces operating noise, vibration, and excess oil flow.

$100   Bi-metal, silicon aluminum    Main Bearings     Rod Bearings       Cam Bearings   
$75     Harmonic Balancer 28oz Large Image
$65     Flexplate 28oz   
$350    Assemble Short Block   

       (Short Block $2850)         

Available as a 331 9.8:1 CR

$200   Trickflow Roller Camshaft  
$150   Ford Racing Hydraulic Roller Lifter    

$40    Comp Cams Lifter Retention Kit    CC31-1000
$80      Pushrods
$40     Timing Chain Set  

$1000 RPC Aluminum 185cc Heads   At .500 lift In 213cfm Ex 171 or 210cc .500 In 223cfm Ex 171 



AFR 185cc 58cc Add $450 .500 In 267cfm Ex 185cfm Add $525



COMP Cams 17045-16 - COMP Cams High Energy Die-Cast Aluminum Rocker ArmsComp Cams Rockers $180

Upgrades available COMP Cams 1634-1 - COMP Cams Ultra Pro Magnum Rocker Arms


$80     2    Fel-Pro Head Gaskets .040"
$65   ARP Head Bolts
$150      Install Heads & Valve Train
          (Long Block $4820)

$210   Edelbrock RPM Intake Manifold  7121

Airgap Add $50

Ford Racing Oil Pans - FMS-M-6675-F351Melling High Volume Oil Pumps - MEL-M68HV
$35     Melling Std Volume Oil Pump    
$15     Melling Oil Pump Pickup  
$20     Oil Pump Drive  
$50     Chrome 5quart Oil Pan   
$5       Oil Filter
$50     Assembly Bolts   
$60     Valve Covers PCV Breather  
$90     Timing Cover   
$20     Fuel Pump Eccentric   
$60     Gaskets   
$220    Summit Ready To Run Distributor    850303
$10      Distributor Hold Down Clamp    FMSM12270-A302
$40      MSD Coil 8202 With Chrome Mounting Bracket
$40     8mm  Plug Wires    868111
$30     Wire Separators    SPC2342
$20     NGK Spark Plugs
$10     Dipstick
$70     Holley Fuel Pump    HLY12-854

$360   Holley Avenger 670cfm Carburetor  

Many carb upgrades available

$30      Chrome Air Cleaner   

$40     Iron Water Pump   
$20     Thermostat Cover & Thermostat    R9440 180
$150    Assembly Completed Engine    LAB-SBF06
$300    Test Run Engine    LAB-SBF08
    TurnKey $6,770


$300 Alternator Package  Chrome 100amp Billet Bracket  Chrome Steel Pulleys Vee Belt  Installed

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